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What's New?!

January 2010 brought two new sculptures and the revision of Winona’s otter drinking fountain “Clean Water Brings Life”. A single otter sculpture was a natural follow up to the fountain trio and that was designed and sculpted in January and back from the foundry in April in time for the Renaissance Shows.

In the fall of 2009 I was commissioned to do a memorial for a friend who left us. His life’s work was Land Stewardship. The sculpture is a man picking up a handful of dirt. The caption is “Honor the Earth, Protect the Soil, the Source of Life”. We are looking for the funding to have the sculpture cast in bronze and an appropriate home for the clay original where people will be inspired to carry on this man’s mission.

In April I attended a workshop facilitated by a renowned sculptor John Coleman. It was an advanced class and it was exciting and inspiring to spend a week with other accomplished sculptors. I started two new sculptures that will be completed this summer at the Colorado and Minnesota Renaissance Festivals, where I will be showing, selling and demonstrating my work.